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Originally Posted by EastonBlues22 View Post
If you don't want to get slashed in the back of the legs, don't knock a guy head first into the boards...see how that works? You talk like Pietrangelo didn't slash him for a reason.

Of the four incidents involved, I would rank the order of danger involved like this from least to most:

1) Pietrangelo slashing Mayers on the back/sides of the calves from his stomach on the ice.
2) Scott cross-checking a guy who wasn't looking in the back.
3) Mayers knocking Pietrangelo head-first into the boards.
4) Reaves punching Scott in the back of the head when he's on the ice and unable to defend himself.

What Pietrangelo got from the guy he was involved with was more dangerous than what he gave in return. Each player got in a shot, and that was the end of it beyond a few words. Tit for tat, then it was over.

It wasn't Scott's place to get involved, and even if it was, you and I both know that certainly isn't the way to do it. There's no justifying what he did, just like there's no justifying what Reaves did.
Semantics but "Danger" is subjective. Pietrangelo was not at all injured from the Mayes hit Mayers didn't explode on the guy. In terms of needed hockey type play that would be #1 as it was part of an actual play. ... The Petro reacted then Scott reacted. ... What Reeves did has no place in hockey.
In terms of ranking them I say Mayers hit is #1 Petro's and Scott's hits are 2A and 2B. What Reeves did is a 5.

Getting back to hockey, Chicago better tighten up or it will again be a quick playoff exit. "We" time and again gave pucks away and were saved as Crawford stood on his head. The Blues made very few errors but 2 ended up very costly. The law of averages says that doesn't happen every time.
Like I said, I loved the rivalry and have always been able to party with Blues fans when in town. It's a shame I won't make it there this year. St.Louis hasn't had depth or talent like this since the early/mid 80's. The town has got to be buzzing.

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