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02-20-2012, 07:48 AM
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As for adding an injured player, and then adding another player immediately after, I would still consider that one instance. The rule is regarding add/drops. To me that has to involve an add and a drop (otherwise we should have said 6 add/drops; 3 adds and 3 drops). In this case, he dropped 1 player, and added 2 players. With only 1 drop, it only counts as one add/drop in my eyes. I think this is a lot more ambiguous though, and would say the rule as written is pretty open to interpretation. In a case like that, I'd say the right measure is to give it a pass this time and clarify the ambiguity. FYI, the rule added was:
Are you in favour of adding the following to the already existing add/drop and streaming rules:

Each manager is allotted a maximum of three add/drops per week. Add/drops in the case of player injury do not count towards the weekly limit. The add/drop limit will reset each week on Monday at 12:00:01 am PST.

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