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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Would CBJ even want Kreider?

He has to be signed before what, mid-june. If you are Chris Kreider, do you sign with CBJ or re-enter the draft?

I would do:
Dubinsky, Kreider, Erixon and -- a 2nd (would it be enough? I would give up a 1st too) -- for Nash.

One player. Two top prospects. A high pick.

For us:
Dubinsky is replaced by Nash on the roster. One rosterplayer out and one roster player in.

JT Miller will replace Dubinsky long-term too.

Chris Kreider, look, he is a great prospect and will become a good NHLer, but we shouldn't overrate him. There are no guarantees he will even become better than Hagelin. Seriously. For example, he is not a effective forechecker. Never has been. He got no natrual role on the PP, not atleast one in which he is better than what we got or will become.

Id love to keep him, but if CBJ think he will resign, he ought to have alot of value to them.

Tim Erixon is a very good prospect, but he won't save our PP and at LD we have:

And with the way Strålman have played -- we can afford to deal him.

Brad Richards we all like him and we all are a little afraid somewhere in the back of our heads that during the coming 8 years, his production could fall some which could put alot of pressure on him and if he doesn't have good linemates around him, he could get hurt from that pressure like previous FA's have in NY.

Well, flank him with Rich Nash and Ryan Callahan and we don't have to worry about ever again.

Marian Gaborik, how long will his groin hold up? Take away his scoring from this team this season, and you never know were we are at right now. You never now.

Look at this roster:

A farm of:
JT Miller,
C Thomas,
D McIlrath,
J Fasth
is enough!

Cap-wise we are put in the squez for sure.

But so what, we have to deal one our D's for picks and prospects in a couple of years. 4 good D's is enough anyway. You don't need 7! We could still definitely keep the kids we want. We won't have to like dump McD, Stepan and/or MDZ because we don't have cap-space. We might loose some other guys, but look at the roster above! So what???
Take off Kreider and replace him with Thomas and add a 3rd and you have a deal, IMO we can't lose Kreider for all we now he could be a superstar and I don't want to risk losing him in a package for Nash.

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