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02-20-2012, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
Exactly . It makes me nuts when people on here are crowning as this great team when the NJD are only 8 points behind us and rolling lately . Don't be surprised if we hit the skids and they pass us . Not saying it will happen but the NJD play of late especially after HERBING US 2 x last month should not be discounted . Nor should ZP being a lock to leave . The league is going to do everything in it's power to keep NJ afloat and back on track much the same way it's done for PITT , PHO etc .
Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
The Devils have TWO more ROW than the Canes and the same amount of ROW than Tampa. They're nothing special. Without the skills competition, I'm not sure they're even in the playoffs. The Pens are another team has greatly relied on the skills competition.

You seem to be more of a Devils fan than Rangers fan. I made some negative posts on this board, but EVERY post that I've seen is either a negative Rangers thread (because g0d forbid we beat a team in OT that took Boston during their hot streak to shootout, beat St. Louis, Detroit, and lost in a shootout to Columbus).

P.S. They're 9 points behind us and we have 1 game in hand. That's the second biggest gap for a division lead in the league. The biggest gap is the Canucks, but they play in a joke of a division and we play in the 2nd best.
Just to add to what you said Snowblind. On 2/1 the Rangers were 10 points ahead of the Devils with a game in hand and 2/20 they are 9 points ahead still with a game in hand. So as much as the Devil's have been "rolling lately" they made up a whole 1 points in 9 games played.

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