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Originally Posted by JustAnotherHockeyFan View Post
Some thoughts on the responses so far:

-There is no traditional goalie on either team, we flip the nets down and have the smaller opening. There is usually one substitute, so generally we're running around all the time.

-I think I have embarrassed myself from missing some easy passes, pathetic shots and doing a really bad turnover which caused a goal. It's possible that this has lead to me not getting passed the ball as much (not that I demand it all the time), but I think some of it is that giving me the ball is like handing me a hot potato.

-One of the biggest things to get right is shooting on a cross-ice or cross-floor pass. In my last game, I was at the front of the net and I had about 3 cross ice passes with the net right in front of me, but I missed every time (sometime the ball was bouncing and such).

-I think I try to rush my game a little bit and that gets me into trouble. My ability to 'think ahead' is not there. As a defender, I like to think of myself as

-I just have a normal wooden stick, no tape. Should I look into tape?

-I do get discouraged easily (in part because I take the game seriously and take losses personally). I know that it's just for fun, but who likes to lose? (If you knew me as a person, you would understand). And sometimes, I do float around. Maybe I don't have the best attitude?
Honestly, if you let embarrassment get to you, you won't get better. You just have to be like, "okay i don't care about looking like a fool. I'm a new player but i can get better". If you can't get pass that part, join another league with people around the same level as you. Someone who is good is someone who has learned how to make every mistake possible.

Having confidence in your game is the first step. Whether that's practicing a move 1000x at home until you can do it without thinking or having some kind of pump-up ritual, the key is going out there and thinking you can contribute. You don't have to be scoring goals but can contribute defensively. For example, stay tight to your check and lift their sticks.

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