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02-20-2012, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
At the start of last week the consensus was we needed to win 3 of the 4 upcoming games or to put it in simple numbers 3-1-0. We went 1-2-1. Instead of getting 6 out of a possible 8 points we got 3.

So as of last night's loss I feel we're sellers.

But what do we sell?

I don't think we need to rebuild. A simple retool is needed. So what tools (aside from Gauthier) do we unload?

By the trade deadline I would trade if at all possible:


By the draft I would unload:


By Xmas '12 we should decide which of the two, Diaz or Weber, we want to keep. trade the other one. Moen and AK I would keep. What we'll get for them will only be NHL material in 3-4 years and there's nothing in the UFA market that can adequately replace them. Trading those two means we're not retooling but rebuilding and I don't think we need to rebuild.

We'd be left with:

Patches DD Cole
****** Pleks Bourque
******Eller AK
Moen White ****

Georges Subban
Emelin *******
Diaz/Weber ******
Markov is a big ?????

So that means either by trades or UFA signings (forget about promoting any prospect for next year - our cupboard is bare) we need to fill three holes on offence and one maybe two on defence depending on Markov's future.

How do you guys see the Habs' immediate future?
Habs are 3-4 years away with a good manager in place. The consensus is that the Habs were erased from the playoff picture several weeks ago.

these players:


do not improve any team that's going to the playoffs so don't expect trades. It can be argued that 3 of these players are lucky to be with a team as weak as the Habs otherwise they may not even be in the NHL.

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