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02-20-2012, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by BluejacketNut View Post
My point was im not going to get upset over a player calling out the org when its probably true.
Calling out the organization is fine. I get that, and agree. But when Jake says that there are more fans at the event that he was at than there are at the Nat for a CBJ game, that could be taken the wrong way by those that are not in the know like those of us that are living this **** day in, and day out.

To me, that just feeds into the perception that Columbus, and Ohio are a ****** market for hockey.

What hit me about your post was the whole $10 ticket thing. Under the circumstances, I agree that it is going to take some creativity to draw crowds. But that is no different from any-other U.S. market that has had, or will have teams that suck over a long period, with a few exceptions. Even our buddies to the north that like to call themselves "hockey town" didn't draw **** for crowds when they were the "dead things". It is easy to call yourselves "hockey town" during the best of times.

Pittsburgh fans have short memories as well, so I just don't want to hear a bunch of bull **** about our fan base from anyone else.

Let's give this market a chance, and see what happens when this bunch finally becomes competitive, and they are fun to watch and follow.

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