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02-20-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
The reason I pointed out the players I did was to illustrate that fans often think players will come here and play leaps bounds better than on their previous clubs and that its never been true.

Players come here and play to their career averages or slightly below. That means nash would continue to be a very good player who nets ~30 goals a season. It also means that he will NOT turn into an elite superstar scoring an extra 15-20 goals every year even though he broke 40 once on a crappy team.
This is a good point...btw I love your avatar...pretty much sums it up.

Someone earlier on said that they wouldn't pay Nash 7.8m in free agency, so why would you give assets on top of that. I agree with this logic entirely. Not only are you taking on a horrible contract, but you are giving up assets too? Hell no.

If anything, they'd have to give us assets to take on such a bad contract. To me, at 7.8m cap hit Nash has negative value. To those of you who are starstruck, this might be a difficult concept, but his cap hit is so high that he's being paid way above his production...not just this year but for his career.

Those of you advocated acquiring him are looking at it from the vacuum of he's the best available guy right now. But nobody has a gun to our heads forcing us to make a move. We are 1st in the east by 9 pts, and only 3 pts behind Det for the President's trophy. And that's without Dubi producing, without BR producing for a huge stretch, and not counting Kreider's impact next year hopefully, or other improvements we can make with 6-8m in cap space this summer. I would love a cup this year, but we are positioned very well for now and the future. Do you guys really want to go for it this year while screwing ourselves the next few years into the future? Especially when we don't have to?

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