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02-20-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by bobafettish View Post
he's on pace for 70 and his career average is 74. does he deserve some blame sure but i wont throw him under the bus until i see him with a legit 1st line winger.
How about Kopitar actually does something that most elite players do, and make his wingers better? People are always blaming his shortcomings on the lack of a "legit 1st line winger." Kopitar has the talent to make people around him much better. He just fails to do it more often than not. How many times do we see him enter the zone, take it wide, circle the net, and then just reverse it for someone else to take. Where's the authority to his game? He's complacent just being good enough. If the Kings ever want to go somewhere, he needs to be better than "good enough."

Kopitar career PPG
2006-2007: .847
2007-2008: .939
2008-2009: .805 ("Defensive-focus season")
2009-2010: .988
2010-2011: .973
2011-2012: .847

For someone who is supposed to be entering/in his prime, it's a bit disconcerting to see him having what amounts to his second worst season ever. It's not as if Kopitar had amazing wingers when he was putting up nearly a point per game. Ryan Smyth? Dustin Brown? Justin Williams? Two of those three names have played a large portion of this season on his line. I don't think the wingers can be blamed for his poor performance this season.

Kopitar is one of the chosen leaders of this team, yet he disappears for incredibly long stretches of games during the course of a season. Maybe it's no wonder the rest of the team is following suit.

Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
Why a 40 games, because that's enough to include the december slump and exclude his hot streak from the start of the season? Why don't you then take all of the games? Make a normal comparission of a few players for the past 10 or 20 games.
What's so wrong with 40 games? It's half of an NHL season. It's pretty well established that Kopitar has a history of starting off each season amazingly hot and then trails off considerably. This season is no different. At what point is Kopitar going to demand more out of himself to get beyond these extended droughts?

Kopitar is in his 6th season in the league, and it's becoming more and more evident that he just isn't quite the elite player we thought we were getting. Don't get me wrong, he's obviously a very good player. However, he has the talent to be better, but he just hasn't progressed offensively like has been expected of him.

Here are his stats since the New Year:
20 GP
6 goals
9 assists
15 points (.75 PPG pace)

Hardly stellar. That eliminates the "December slump" you were worried about, too.

Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
Kopitar provided 45% of the Kings scoring this season, now if you scratch that you have the worst team in the NHL.
Honestly, that's a pretty moot point considering Quick's play has had a much greater impact on the team this season than Kopitar's.

EDIT: Before anyone jumps on me, I'm speaking offensively. I'm not questioning his defensive effort/ability here.

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