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Originally Posted by Speed View Post
re: Goalies.

All 3 got a chance of making it. Who's close to NHL backup (right now)? I'd say it's a tie between Sexsmith and Stalock.

It's a special dynamic going on.

As prospects, I believe initially Sexsmith was ranked higher than Stalock. But Stalock came in prepared mentally and physiclaly, and I don't think Sexsmith did. Then Stalock got hurt, and Sexsmith came in this year, lighter, in shape, and focused. He's be tearing it up this year. Now Stalock is back on track and so far hasn't missed a beat - even though still not 100%. Even long term upside - migth even be close to a tie, but since I've still got memories of Stalock's game in Worcester I'd take Stalock. I think he's still the fav in taking of #1 SJ goal duties some day. Right now Sexsmith's value has never been higher. If any of the 3 goalies were to be traded, I'd say it would be Sexsmith.
I haven't mentione Sateri because Sexsmith and Stalock are ahead of him as far is pro/U.S. games, hence a little behind on development. But he's transitioned very well from the European style/rink. It's a reall good "problem" to have.
Someday, I can see Stalock starting for a NHL contender, Sexsmith for a not as good NHL team, and jury still out on Sateri.
Funny question: Do you guys think Worcester has the best goaltending (as a group) in the AHL?

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