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02-20-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by 67coach View Post
Apparently the Wings did make an offer to Stevie Y for Kubina but it wasn't enough....

Wonder if Stevie didn't want to be seen as playing favorites with his old GM????
Or it's yet another example of Holland not being aggressive enough to add the player he wants. Anyone see a pattern developing?

-We want Jagr, Holland makes an offer, Jagr goes somewhere else.
-We want JovoCop, Holland makes an offer, JovoCop goes somewhere else.
-We want Vokoun, Theodore, Smith. We get Conklin instead.
-Burns is shopped. Burns is badly needed. Burns goes to San Jose. Babcock angry.
-Babcock says we need a top 6 upgrade. Holland kicks tires. Holland signs Eaves and Miller.
-And now Kubina.
-And we can probably add Nash to this list. SOmeone will make a healthy offer. Holland won't. Then he'll say getting Cleary back is a big deal.

So why is everyone optimistic we land Suter or Parise? A more aggressive GM will give up a 1st to negotiate with them. Holland won't. Or a more aggressive GM will offer a $100M deal which Holland won't. But we'll get Bert back for cheap. Maybe Homer too.

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