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02-20-2012, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
I can't address all points cause I'm heading out but regarding the goalies crapping the bed in the shootout, it's simple, practise it. The goalies are the guys with all the pressure in the shootout because they're out there by themselves till it's over. Shooters are out there for 5 seconds each and they're done. If the goalies can't practise, they don't have confidence.

Dry Island was stupid and intrusive in players' lives. When the story came out it was done so to make Richards and Carter look bad, but without naming names Richards said veterans didn't sign up for it. So we can assume that Kimmo, Pronger, Briere and others also didn't join. It was a stupid idea that had no benefit except to cause a rift in the team.

With Lavi's decision to put Briere on against Krejci, yeah, it likely wouldn't have made a difference but when something is so obviously not working and it's in your control to fix it, fix it. Instead, he kept throwing out there to get smoked.
Most shootout success isn't created by practice. It's almost entirely created by accurate scouting reports. Before every shootout you may notice coaches and sometimes players will say what a goalie or a skaters tendencies are, strengths and weaknesses. Skaters usually know what they are doing before they start and goalies usually know what they are looking for before the skater starts. Practice may help a little bit if you do it before every game with scouting reports for the specific players you think you might see. Not every team does this because it's time consuming and they may feel they have more important things to practice then going on a hunch feeling on what might happen only for it to not happen about 80% of the time.

That is what I said, you can't enforce something like Dry Island. So how does a coach prepare a team for an afternoon game better? Keep in mind like I said you cannot enforce things like Dry Island meaning players just have to show up for mandatory meetings, practices, and games. So what special thing does Lavi have to do in any of those 3 places that makes players play better in the afternoon? Keep in mind many players in all sports really will say they are used to following a strict schedule and afternoon games throw those schedules off so it sometimes takes them a little longer to get fully into the games. The Phillies have the same issue, it's seen in basketball also, some football teams literally change practice times around to account for it sometimes (since they have a full week to prepare). It's why most sports stat sites include a split for Day and Night games, some players have a noticeable difference in production. But like I said if you know the secret to it feel free to share it lol. I don't see how anyone can entirely pin that on the coach when he has such limited power in the players personal lives.

I should also add before you continue to blame Dry Island for tearing apart the Flyers keep in mind they had numerous other issues unrelated to Dry Island. These kind of team unity experiments happen on almost every sports team in all sports not only in professional levels but on college levels as well as high school levels. Some teams have literally vowed off sex for the season completely. Some do partying. Some do alcohol. Some do things involving money. You may remember on a smaller scale way back with the Flyers under Hitchcock they decided to shave there heads for some stupid team bonding thing. Star player Simon Gagne refused to participate in this. It didn't rip the team apart even if some players would have preferred he did. For a locker to split like it did last year it has to be for some real reasons. Steve Downie is the only player I have seen overreact to someone not participating in a team bonding event. Dry Island was not the issue.

Who would you have played Briere against? Feel free to look at the Bruins roster. Given ice time it was basically Krejci or Bergeron. Unless you want to cut Giroux and Briere's ice time so they can play only against Peverley. Why to play Briere's line against Krejci over Bergerons?

1. Flyers are losing in every game and need offense, Giroux and Briere are the best offensive players on the team.
2. Bergeron is one of the best players in the entire NHL at faceoffs at over 60% while Krejci was just a hair over 51%.
3. Bergeron is one of the best defensive players in the NHL and the best shutdown center on the Bruins. Why would we play our best offensive line who needs to score against their best defenders?
4. Don't forget who was playing goalie for us. They were giving up weak goals too.

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