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Originally Posted by -_-
Just to let you know....

First, the G5 is a better skate than the 705... and both have the exact same fit !!!! The weight is the biggest difference between the two skates... the G5 being ligher of course. Why ? The outsole, the materials used and the holes in the blade (in my opinion it's better to have a blade without holes... holes are crap...) Also, the stiffness is pretty much the same for both model... it shouldn't influence your choice betweeen the two (both have the same stiffness, pretty much... the G5 isn't stiffer, thats false beleive me). The interior is also very differente between the 705 and the G5... in the G5 the interior is a little bit more confortable...

I would say to go for the G5 if you have the bucks for it... if not stick with the 705 it's still a VERY good skate (but don't go with another brand... Grafs are the best skates as long as they are properly fitted)

2nd, the 705 isn't a discontinued skate ! That's false... the only discontinued models are : all the 600 serie (625,609), the 727 (a skate made for people with a strong ankle, they offer no support at all, a good skate for people who like their skates almost untied (open ? unlaced ? sorry for my english), and the 502.

Difference between the 727 and the 705... well they are two very differente kind of skate... almost the complete opposite ! The 705 is a regular fit skate, regular achille tandon (spl ?), regular heel, regular ankle volume. While the 727 is a wider fit... wide ankle, ankle volume and achille tandon... so I don't know who fitted you but he didn't do an excellent job !

If you live in the Montreal region, go to l'Artiste du Patin in Brossard... it's an excellent store with a qualified squad (I've work in many stores specialized in hockey, skates etc... and it's by far the best store I know). I know the owner personnaly and she is an increadible human being. She knows her stuff, she cares about customers, she's a hard worker... she's also giving power skating lesson and she has giving course to the women Salt Lake olympic team which won the gold... trust me the store is something. + They have the whole Graf skates line and they don't mind ordering if it's necessary !

Hope this post will be usefull for most of you !

If you have any question PM me, It will be a pleasure to answer your questions !

If you live in the

Small world!!! I finally bought the G5's after all, and guess where l'artiste du patin Brossard, Lorraine was a great help. It was between Frases Sports or Joe's Sports but they didn't have my size. WOW!!!, it such a light skates and the fit, just like a slipper. As for custom radius I have 15' at 1.5mm pitch. Some say 15' is too much blabe on ice surface but as a foward I need that extra metal for that explosive push off or sprint. Well, hope this pair will last another 5 years. Expensive! yes, worth it! every penny...

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