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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
For a set up guy Richards has scored 28/30/31/23 goals over the last four years. I know that he is a very good set up guy but the guy *isn"t* a set up guy first and foremost. He is an all around excellent hockey player who knows how to finish as well as dish it out.

If we made a deal for a "pure goal scorer" that had scored as many goals as MR over the past four years we would all be saying that we have our man. Just saying that calling MR a set up center first and foremost isn't exactly accurate.

As for calling people out for not having a high enough hockey I.Q. around here well that is just nonsense in my opinion. We have a ton of exceptionally knowledgeable hockey fans around here, you don't believe me wander around other teams boards and I think you will be surprised.

Simmonds has 21 goals and we all knew that he was capable of it as well as expected him to do so as soon as he left the team. I still make the MR deal every day of the week and I am one of the most prospect oriented people around here.

I do agree with you that we need to change our style of play but I remember the days when we were heralded as being one of the best offencive teams in the league and how we had gone two seasons without being shut out.

We never won the cup back then but we scored a ton of goals.

That was pre great one. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and we are having a hard time scoring on a consistent basis. I've been saying for a long time that until we develop a balanced attack we will forever be stuck in inis swing from one extreme to another.

Shake the team up by adding something that we sorely lack or stay the course and develop our own. We have Ktsyn who is a second line LW power forward that will be ready in one more year and a few other kids who are about the same give or take that play different styles. We need an elite LW sniper type in our system.

We have Toffi who is a year in the AHL (maybe two) away from being an impact first line RW in the league but he is scheduled to replace JW when the time comes so that is a wash. Kozun has exceptional hands ut he is a second/third line guy when on his game and favors RW more than anything else.

We have King and a few other kids coming up who have the potential to play on our top two lines but none of them are an outright lock to play there. We are overloaded with exceptoinal talent on our bottom 6 and taht is for certain.

Staying the course to me might be alright if we are willing to wait another two to three years for our prospects to develop into NHLers but to me we are way too loaded up for making a cup run today and over the next 3 years to really wait for that to happen so I would look to add our sniper now.

We have assets that we can move and still have an exceptional system from jr's to the bigs so it isn't like we would be gambling everything we have to land a single star player and be right back where we started if it doesn't work out.

That's is the way I see it anyways.
I am just tired of reading over and over and over how if and a big if we had Simmonds we wouldn't be in dire need of goals. People have been bashing on Richards because Simmonds is having a great year.

When it comes to hockey IQ, people keep throwing numbers, all I meant was think beyond that.

Hell on paper the Kings looked like Stanley Cup contenders, I bet I can make a PowerPoint, excel sheet, and collected data to convince anyone of this. The truth is this team lacks the 3 C's

Creativity, Confidence, Courage

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