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02-20-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
I think Girardi passing Staal has a lot more to do with Staal having absolutely zero offseason work outs, pre season skating, and half a regular season. For a guy that likes to come to camp with a nice amount of extra muscle, he's stuck jumping into the line-up without lifting and strength training the last 5 months. No skating for 4 months. Staal's off-season workout regime is hardcore, and as the season passes and players slim down and breakdown muscle, he remains stronger than most. This year, there's little to no strength training in his bag, and there's zero strength training for players during a hockey season.

Just choose damn near any game from last season (especially against the Caps or Penguins, but even the NJD NYR from last season where he was giving Kovalchuk fits) and rewatch it. Girardi's got a great stick, and is strong and really smart. Staal dominates and eliminates top players.

This is like MDZ from last year. everyone has a shiny new toy, so the old one must not be as good. Staal's a top pairing guy. Next season if both he and Girardi come into camp at 100%, and we watch a few pre-season games, there won't be a single person on this board, aside from the most absolutely toe-headed, that will be calling for G to be logging more minutes than Staal.

This is the first thread I'm going to book-mark and subscribe. It will be interesting to revisit this early next season and see if I was talking out of my ***, or if those who disagree have a clue about quality defenders.

You don't have to convince me of how good Staal is as a defender. Staal has an uncanny ability to separate the puck from the puck carrier through his stickwork and postitioning. No doubt the injury and lack of training camp has a lot to do with his play. But, let's not begrudge both MDZ and McD for what they've accomplished this season.

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