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02-20-2012, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by funky View Post
I hate saying this as it sends shivers down my spine, but I can't help feeling we may lose Quick in a year. Do we roll the dice and trade arguable our saving grace this year? Some Pro's and Cons to think about


1 his value has never been higher
2 numerous good teams looking for a stud goalie
3 we don't risk losing him for nothing
4 we don't pay a goalie 5 to 7 mil a year
5 we have Bernier ready to move into that spot
6 A lot of decent vets out there at a good price to help JB if he should stumble


1 he is our Mr Everything
2 he has a competitive edge
3 top 5 goalie in the NHL
4 dirt cheap contract next year
5 finally a homegrown legit star goalie

Now at this point I want to keep him. I want him locked up for the next 7 years. I just don't know if he wants to be here and at. What price.

He would fetch us a star winger, I really don't want to trade him but should we?

On a side note does JJ not look like he is turning the corner? If people are mad at what the boys are doing in Philly, and Moulsen in NY, could you imagine the backlash when JJ turns into a star elsewhere!
I think Dean keeps Quick at all costs much like Doughty and Kopitar. He is now in the same Bracket.

As for Jack. I really like the guy, and I really don't want to see him go, but what you said is true about everyone on the Kings. Every single player on the team is struggling mightily. Everyone's value has dipped and no one is producing. Most of these players would be putting up ridiculous numbers on the Flyers, Canucks, and Red Wings etc... I think, much like the Richards trade, that it doesn't matter who we put in the deal, we are going to have to cope with the fact that they are going to perform well on the team they land on and we may not pan out well this season, but that it is not permanent and we are not going to be this snakebit forever. Whether the antivenom is a change in philosophy, management, personnel, or ownership intervention; we still have the core to succeed and the team will rebound. I mean we can't get much worse than 30th in the league


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