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02-20-2012, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by icKx View Post
Well if $3 mil truly only gets you a Jonathan Ericsson on today's market I'm going to say, yes. I'd rather have Ryan Suter at $8 than E and, lets say, Kevin Bieksa.
$2.875 got us White. $1.9m got us Bertuzzi. $800K kept Miller here. There seems to be a repeated idea that you can only have so many of these deals before your luck runs out, but Holland&Co. have a pretty solid history of bringing in guys at a low price and then getting a lot out of them. And even when they have such a deal blow up on them (like Conks), they have a redundancy plan in place (such as MacDonald).

I can see an argument for Suter at $8m, and I'm not saying that it wouldn't be the right move. However, I don't think it's a slamdunk as the only move, or that the offseason will necessarily be a failure if we don't grab a Suter or Parise. With how well the Wings organization has done at transitioning from one core to another, at weathering changes in the economic environment, etc., some of the criticism should probably be tempered a bit by that.

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