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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
If the general idea around hockey is that Rick Nash should be a perennial 80+ point player, then what CLB is asking for is about on par.
Who cares what they're asking for? It's all about what teams are willing to pay. Whatever the reason, over ten years, Nash has fallen short of that benchmark. There may be a chance or even an expectation that he can be that perennial 80+ point player. He is certainly paid to be a perennial 80+ point player. However, he has simply not been a perennial 80+ point player, and there is a definite risk that he will fail to reach that expectation going forward. Given that he's already paid to be that 80+ point player, his trade value should be diminished.

Columbus may be looking for the return associated with an 80+ point player, but it would be foolish to pay that price, because he simply has not proven that is what he is, despite his contract. If he was getting paid like a 60-70 point player and there was some upside in the chance that he would outproduce his cap hit, he'd have significantly more value. As it stands, at best, he's going to be worth that $7.8m contract. At worst, he's going to be an overpaid 60-70 point player. Giving up the type of assets Columbus is looking to acquire to take that chance is a stupid gamble, imo.

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