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02-20-2012, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
Guys Nash is awesome, why question that? He may not fit this yr but if we wherein the sixth seed we may be saying go for it
He is an awesome player. I don't think any one is questioning his talent level. It is about the capspace he occupies and the assets that it would take to acquire him in a trade. However, I don't think either will be that big of a problem.

Sure he is over paid but the man can put the puck in the net, plain and simple. Cap wise I think we could make it work. It would be tight, but we could make it work.

Assets wise I think both Howson and HFboards faithful over estimated the market for a player like Rick Nash. Taking into consideration cap hit, contract length and CBA uncertainty, I think Howson may have overplayed his hand here and is now pot committed. He thought teams on Nash's list would be lining up to over pay for Nash and Howson was foaming at the mouth over possible returns. That has not happened and will not happen.This is why he has literally been pushing Rick Nash on Philly.

Why would a GM do that? Well there are a few different reasons but I don't think Howson is smart enough to do it to gain leverage against other potential buyers. I think he is doing it because Philly may have been the closest to forking up a return that wouldn't make him look like a complete fool considering what his original expectations were as far as a possible return for Rick Nash. Howson IMO has actually lost leverage against potential buyers, not gained it.

Also, I don't buy the ******** that Howson could gain more for said player during the entry level draft.

With regards to the Rangers. Sather isn't giving up McDonagh, Del Zotto, or Stepan. At this point the only way Nash comes to the Rangers is on Sathers terms and that is something I am completely okay with. A bidding war would drive up the price tremendously but with how ****** Howson has handled the situation he has backed himself into the corner and I believe Nash could be had for alot less than what most of us think it will take.

Just my 2 cents.

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