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02-20-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Are we positive that not being in the playoffs will equate to Dean losing his job? I'm not terribly convinced.
Me either. I haven't heard anything to suggest it. I think it's something the fans would do, but that doesn't mean AEG will.

Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
The only forwards I see getting moved on this team are Penner, Stoll, and Brad Richardson.
I agree. I think we could keep Stoll, just for his faceoffs and defensive play if we make the playoffs, but I think Richardson and Penner would be addition by subtraction, regardless of what we get back.

Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
Like I said I give Sutter credit for telling it like it is.

Kopitar and Brown were handled with kids gloves by Murray.

Who knows maybe Kopitar needs to be told once in a while "Kopitar you are pissing me off bud, Get your %^$% together".

Maybe Kopi just needs to be motivated that way.
Sutter handled Iggy the same way and Iggy credits the hard love with making him a better all around player. Hopefully the same works with Kopitar.

Originally Posted by DeeMeck View Post
Yea...let's jerk around Kopitar some more. He is only playing like management wanted him to.
If he was, would Sutter (who is part of that management) be calling him out?

Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Where's the Richards criticism?
If Sutter thinks it's deserved, it will come. He's never held back on anyone before.

Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
"The honeymoon is over" ???

He is on game 51 of his career here. And on a team that ****ing sucks. Do we want to be like Columbus and shop the guy we just got out already?

Gotta be patient. His scoring will come.
Yeah, exactly. 51 games, and for the first half of that total he was our best player not named Quick. He got a concussion and hasn't looked the same since. Add in Penner, Stoll, Kings and Nolan (love the last two, but they aren't legit 2nd line wingers yyet) and you have people calling him out.

Richards hasn't been the biggest problem on this team by far.

Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
He did trade Quincey for Smyth. He didn't want to trade Smyth last summer, and for all of Smyth's faults, his number would be a welcome addition to the team. He also traded Teubert for Penner. Penner also had his question marks, but this season has been ridiculous, and he hasn't earned the benefit of the doubt with the system vs player question.

Lombardi didn't want to trade Smyth, then has to sign Gagne to replace him, since he was about all that was out there that the Kings could get. Gagne gets hurt, Penner has been terrible, and there's your 4 forward problem.

If the Kings try for Nash or Carter, it's likely another defenseman will be dealt.
I think the Smyth trade request really screwed him. He was set on letting Zues go, as were many of us btw, but we still had Smyth and Penner and Simmonds for size n the forward ranks.

Then the Richards thing came out of nowhere, and it understandable DL would do a Simmonds/Richards move. Most of us here agreed with that deal as well at the time.

That still left us with Smyth and Penner to give us some net presence.

Smyth bailing and Penner looking like a complete gong show came out of left field and really hurt this team. DL also failed to eplace that size by looking at Hunter and Moreau, but then again we don't know hat was available that also would have come to LA.

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