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02-20-2012, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by BluejacketNut View Post
My opinion on the Columbus market is its a "sports market", which is true for many other cities as well. Win and people will come out and watch, lose, and you probably wont get much support short of giving bargain basement prices....which pisses me off being a STH and making my tickets worthless. I wanted to respond to the emails about the $10 tickets with "can I change the price of my tickets I paid full price for to $10?!" I definitely would not consider Columbus a "hockey market" markets are created if there's a culture of hockey in its past, which Columbus does not have (Chill and Owls are a small blip in Columbus' history). Now thats not to say it cant be successful, but if you dont put out a winning product, dont be surprised at the lack of support you will get. The large majority of Columbus does not give a crap about the Bluejackets or if they stay or not....most of us here know the benefits, but the majority doesnt care because they have no connection with hockey.

This organization is a joke, and its proven Jagr's comment to be correct when you're as bad as we are, but yet no one is held responsible. Winning is only a talking point for this org, not an expectation. Everyone is wanting to trade Nash as if he's the Nash will not make Howson a good GM.
I think we are on the same page on the causation's of our current mess. My point is that the Columbus, and Central Ohio fan base are no different than any other sports market. When teams are chronically losing, no matter where that is, fans stop showing up, except the die-hards. That is why the term "bandwagon" fan was created.

When that happens, teams have to be creative to fill seats. Sure, $10 dollars may be damn cheap to get in, but they also are going to get that concession money, and parking money. The local government gets it's tax money, and everyone is happy.

Even NFL teams have started to see their attendances drop when they do poorly, and Major League baseball teams started building smaller parks so that they don't look so empty when fans aren't showing up. What saves those sports is their TV money.

I agree, as a season ticket holder, that those cheap deals suck, but it is what it is. I would rather they do that, though, than sit in a half full arena. Our fan base is just like any other fan base, and I think that history shows that.

Oh, and by the way, I don't want to see Nash traded either, unless it is just one hellashish offer that none of us can realistically refuse.

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