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did u see the "Small, but big tips"-thread?

there are alot of tips for less skilled players.

imo beginners tend to get hectic and make stupid things because of it. u mostly have more time than u think. it really helps when u start to take u time and think about your next move instead of getting hectic.

ah and as a defense man play it save. if u dont know what to do shoot the puck over the boards (not through the middle!!) out of your defense zone.

in the offensive zone: if u have the puck, dont try a super "i use all my power" slapshot, it probably wont hit the net. so better try an acurate shot. at our team even the defense man with the worst shot creates dangerous situations with wierd flying pucks to the net if u are in trouble and ur shot will probably get blocked by a player because he stands right in front of u: dont shoot to the net. shoot the puck in the corner of the ofensive zone, ur offensive men can still can convert this into something usefull. otherwise your blocked shot could easily cause a break away...

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