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02-20-2012, 05:36 PM
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Phoenix Coyotes original logo/jersey making return?

Interesting piece of Coyote information listening to Phoenix Sports radio

I had heard a while back and now just hearing it again on phoenix sports radio about the possible ownership change,etc and talking about some of the recent changes like the new arena, logo,etc.... and that Wayne Gretzky was the one wanted to change the logo and jersey cause it wasn't to his liking......

So whoever the other owner at the time (gretkzy partner) was speaking with Gluckstern (original owner) and Coyote administration (Mike O'Hearn was mentioned and Bailey-last name was the other) mentioned that when the Coyotes were brought from Winnipeg they were going to use the Jets colors but new logo and name -- Before the Jets 2nd last season Winnipeg was going to change their away jerseys from Blue to Red (which apparently the guest on the radio said they did about 5 or 6 times in the Jets last 2 seasons with red helmuts) but it got scrapped cause of the uncertainty of the Jets staying in Winnipeg.

The Coyotes staff really liked the half moon logo but also came across the cartoon Coyote logo with the brick layered desert dust scripture which was the one actually chosen in 1996.

So in a way to honor the Jets they decided to have the Coyote logo wear the Jets Red jersey which was actually used for the better part of the early Coyote years at America West Arena (pre Glendale) I've never noticed it so take a look at the original Coyotes logo.

When Gretzky wanted to change the uniforms the Coyote staff gave that option and he liked it. They decided to use the Coyote front as the permanent logo that was being used a few times as the Coyotes 3rd jersey - secondary logo.

So in discussion that the guest on the radio is that the Coyotes had been rumored to be wanting to have a 3rd jersey similar to the original logo. The hosts which I agree said that jersey and logo (which was at the time ridiculed for looking goofy) by far was the best Coyotes jersey/logo combination and in other words which I agree was a hockey identity for the people in the Valley which was lost since moving to Glendale.

The response is that he can almost guarentee if Jeremy Roenick is apart of the ownership he will do the opposite of Gretzky and make those unis the permanent ones.

And I agree. I think the Coyotes have lost a bit of the connection of when they were in downtown Phoenix since moving to Glendale. I know its only 30 minutes but the Coyotes were a hot ticket, had tons of excitement downtown, and was very much part of the Arizona sports scene.

Now it seems the Coyotes are just a blimp of the sports fixture. They play in Glendale(still in Arizona and kinda Phoenix I know) but it seems they are playing in a completely different state.

The Coyotes had some memorabale times from 1996-2002..... somehow we have to reconnect the past to the present to help our future......

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