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02-20-2012, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
I'd prefer AK, and as another Preds poster said, Poile said he tried to make the Gill trade bigger, but it didn't work out (I'm speculating AK, he didn't say anyone in particular).

I'd be ok with a 1st for Hemsky. It's hopefully a late first, and we've drafted well.

I'd rather not part with Blum for him. Blum's had a rough year, but he's shown that he could be a first pairing guy or at worst a second pairing guy last year. He just needed a little extra seasoning in the AHL. If Weber/Suter don't sign, we need Blum.
My guess is that Poile tried to make the deal AK46 + Gill, but doing that involved an individual asset more significant than a 2nd (i.e., MTL asked for a 1st and Poile I suspect wanted to add 2nd round prospect caliber pieces).

It's why I keep saying GM's right now see 1st round picks being like gold (that's the word Ray Shero uses, and I'd think that's how his mentor David Poile views them too).

Question: In all the years Poile has been GM, how many times has he actually traded his 1st in a deadline deal for a rental? I know he did for Forsberg. Any others?

With Pittsburgh, it was Hossa and nobody else.

People will sit here and say 'you don't know what GM's are discussing', as if that somehow invalidates the argument that GM's aren't giving up 1st round picks except for the highest level impact players.

Someone may get really desperate, and that's what the other team's GM's are hoping for, but I'll be shocked if AK46 garners a 1st, and I'll be absolutely stunned if Hemsky does.

Originally Posted by Seachd View Post
We heard the same thing last year with Penner, and we all know how that turned out.

The best I can say is "we'll see", which I think is a lot more reasonable than saying there's no way something happens.
Fair point, but (a) Penner wasn't a rental like Hemsky (he had a year of term left) and (b) the Penner case is probably a reason why GM's would be more, not less, reticent to give up prime assets (like 1st round picks) for anything but the surest, high level impact rentals.

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