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Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post
I hope Dean gets fired this offseason if he ships out Bernier, Johnson, and Loki. I spent too many years watching those guys grow into better hockey players, and they are getting better each one of them hasn't reached their potential and we're tossing those three away for a player that won't be the cure to this teams problems.

You know we're going to be talking about player X, in another teams uniform raising the cup while we're still looking for a GM, Goalie, defenseman, etc. The more things change the more they stay the same.
I am going to assume your a bit bias(Not a bad thing) because you have his name in your board name.

But what good is Bernier to the team if he doesn't play? He doesn't play even as a backup. And he might never be as good as Quick is now. On top of that he isn't going to knock Quick out of the line up anytime soon. So having him on our roster doesn't mean much.

It would be tough to loose Johnson.

I don't see Loktionov out there doing all kinds of great things that would make me hesitate to include him in a package for Rick Nash.

And to say Rick Nash isn't the cure is just dumb(seems harsh couldn't find the right word not attacking you). How do you know? Nobody in this earth knows.

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