Thread: Injury Report: Koivu (Returning To Lineup 3/22)
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02-20-2012, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Actually I think you could build a team around a one-two punch of Phillips and Granlund. And have Coyle as the captain with Zucker as the A.
That would be a long time down the road though. Those kids are going to need some time to learn.

Koivu hasn't been healthy the past two years. That's the problem. He hasn't been healing and it might be because he's been pushing himself. It's like Joe Mauer.
Agreed. And I think the pressure is that much higher, because Lats and Butch are out. If we had most of our top 6 forwards healthy, Koivu should have been benched long term to heal properly. But this year has been a huge @$#!-up of injuries. And with them desperate for a playoff push, you can bet Koivu was pushing himself as well as feeling pressure from others to rush back.

Who the hell cares at this point? Koivu needs to get healthy, period. If that means shelving him for the rest of the year, he needs to be out.
I wouldn't be against that at this point. Start over next year with all the injured guys fully healthy.

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