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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Which ones? Cmon lets here the treasure trove of mistakes he has made. I have heard you whine about the same sad little points over and over. "He fired martin in a weird way" or "cammalleri trade was strange" . You have nothing on him but do keep trying it makes me laugh.
Either you have me confused with someone else or you're a bold faced liar.

I was FOR the Martin firing, smart guy

When did I say the Cam trade was strange? I said it was a nonsensical trade.

And then you have the audacity to put these things in quotes as if they have been said? LOL

But lets look at a few things.

The Kaberle deal was the worst deal this year. The Cammy deal is a "meh" deal.

The Lapierre deal last year was nonsensical given that in a lesser role just weeks later, he was traded for a better pick. Not to mention Lapierre is a guy we could use on this team.

Signing Campoli right before the season started and giving him a RAISE was another dumb move, that covered up his blunder with Markov...then that blunder was covered up by the Kaberle trade. Great GM, huh

Going into the season with the entire team's fortunes riding on Markov (a guy who has been injured for 2 seasons and coming off an injury) was STUPID! Even WITH Markov, the D corp looked weak.

Realizing in the middle of the season that we needed to get bigger when everyone and their mother knew this a couple years earlier.

His inability to put together a legitmate 4th line...we've had 4-5 4th line centermen since he's been here.

Handling any kind of volatility by firing or trade.

Firing Pern (very well liked) for really no reason.

Firing Martin right before a game and adding a guy who has 0 coaching experience in Carriere.

Hiring a new coach, then telling the media/fans that he's interim and will not be back next year. Then APOLOGIZING.

Last year at the deadline when Halpern (4th line center) was playing on the 1st line he thought the better solution was to trade picks for dmen who are no longer playing in the league. He then makes up some stupid story about a roof, a hole and a vacation.

He is a reactive GM who has a checkered history everywhere he's gone. Under Gauthier's watch the team has basically become a laughing stock

and you want to bring this clown back? Every GM makes poor trades, the problem with Gauthier is the BAD outweighs the good and it's not JUST about trades. The perception of Gauthier very low. The perception of the Habs organization is not a good one.

Oh, and how can we forget the great players we got under his watch as head of pro scouting. Get this clown far away from this team.

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