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02-21-2012, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I'm not one to bring them up, as they had a reason to be moved, but you said he added promising players during his watch. This shows otherwise, besides as if Gainey didn't. The core that got us to 3rd round, gaineys. The young talent on this team, drafted by gainey. Price, Pacioretty, Gorges, Emelin, Weber, White, etc... all gainey.

You're praising Gauthier for what, ridding us of cammalleri? Sure, I like the trade, but did you think cammalleri had no value and PG pulled out a miracle for a playoff beast?

The irony of your logic, is not that Gainey is without flaw. He made a few blunders, gomez being a huge one. The irony is that a guy who doesn't have a perfect record either is without flaw for you.

I'll gladly accept gauthier hasn't done too bad. I was strongly against him but the fact he's selling makes me happy and the gill return was excellent. However, what's the deal? Gainey had better steals in his time, better drafts and better direction, he also had a bigger blunder in gomez. Now, PG hasn't done much good, nor much bad. He got a good return for gill, but got kaberle as well in same year. So, how can you say Gainey is terrible, but gauthier has done a good job? If Gauthier did a good job, so did gainey. If Gauthier did a bad job, gainey did as well. They're records are not very different. If anything, history shows Gainey has the better one as a player, coach and GM.
Well you just proved that the fire gauthier movement is way too premature

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