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02-21-2012, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
How are they night and day? I don't get you man.

Look, I've been a very vocal critic of Gainey's. The second half of his tenure was flat out awful. There's no doubt about that and I'm certainly not going to defend the McD trade as I ripped it to shreds the second I saw it. But I would think that if you're able to see the flaws in Gainey, you'd be able to see the flaws in PG.

You come here and spout crap like "PG is cleaning up Gainey's mess.." No he's not! He's making messes of his own. Kaberle was a terrible move and your defense of PG's tenure here makes absolutely no sense at all. Yet in spite of all reason you continue to defend the ruderless route that he's set course on.

Why do you continue to defend this guy? He's not well respected, has made poor knee jerk reactionary moves, has demostrated little ability of putting together a long term plan and in the face of the plain view fact that we were going to miss the playoffs, STILL continued to make short term moves designed to desperately squeak into 8th place and saddle us with dumb contracts. The guy has been a gong show so far... why do you want to keep him?
Why is kaberle a terrible move exactly? Upgraded the defense, took on a semi ok contract that is only for 2 years, when this team is back on track, a proven D like Kaberle can truly make the difference between 1 round of playoffs and 2 or 3. And, 4 millions is peanuts and will likeably be absorbed in the process of the next cap raise

And yet, if he keeps selling and that somehow we continue winning, and end up just out of a playoffs spot, you'll be the first on your soapbox to criticize Gauthier for selling

its the ol' haters rope-a-dope

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