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Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post
Yeah when everyone advocates that we throw the kitchen sink at Columbus for Nash, your not going to have very much left to work with. Trading away 3 promising roster players for 1 LW that never got more than 80 points.

Secondly, I don't know if you have noticed but we aren't doing so hot offensively. When Nash doesn't pan out, what then? You are going to have to blow it up. It goes further than one player, and I think we are going to need 2 or 3 players to get this team to the finish line.
lol.... If we trade Johnson and Bernier we still have an established all star goalie. We still have 2 established all star centers. And we still have an established franchise defense man.

I said it a bit ago but I will say it again... if Gagne was healthy Loktionov would not be in LA he would be in Manchester. If Gagne was back in the line up I don't think Loktionov would be favored over Jordan Nolan at this point so you cant really count Loktionov as an established "roster" player. And a backup goalie is barely a roster player

You just asked me if I noticed that we aren't doing so hot offensively and in the very next sentence you miss cleo`d a comment to discredit one of the best scorers in the NHL in the last 8 years lol. News flash he hasn't broken the 80 point mark because he is a GOALSCORER(something we need just in case you didn't notice we cant score goals) not a passer. I'm sure if he could score 60 goals a year he would break the 80 point mark. But to answer your question... IF we get Rick Nash and IF he doesn't pan out I guess we`ll haft to deal with that when it happens.

Again.... If you cant see it because your in doom and gloom times with the recent loses the Kings have suffered and your favorite player might be traded I understand. What I don't understand is your logic? If Rick Nash comes to the Kings and cant score we rebuild.... But with Jonathan Bernier warming the bench and Johnson we don't rebuild?

NO TEAM REBUILDS WITH Kopitar,Doughty,Brown,Quick,Richards and maybe Nash... on the roster.

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