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Originally Posted by King Richards View Post
"Backup goalie" - Bernier is a GOOD starter on a lot of teams.

"Top 4 defenseman" - Jack Johnson is a leader and competitor with a TON of upside. He is only 25 years old, an Olympian, physically sturdy and would be a #1 pairing PMD on most teams

"3rd line winger" - We have no idea what Loktionov's ceiling is. If you want to label someone that simply without really seeing what they can develop into, you are going to be trading away a hell of a lot of prospect talent
Bernier is a backup, and will be a back up staying with the Kings. Yes, he's a great goalie and easily the #1 on many teams. A position of strength for the Kings, but he is still the BACKUP on this team now and in the future.

Jack Johnson is a solid top 4 defender, no doubt about it. He becomes expendable because this is another position of strength. Voynov is in the minors ffs. He may be slightly less "talented" as Johnson. Doughty, Voynov and Martinez for your offensive D men, Greene, Scuds and Mitchell the stay at home guys. DD44 and Muzzin are great 7 and 8 dmen. That is still a very very solid 1-8 defensive corps.

As I posted in another thread, the only gamble to this thread is Lotki's "ceiling". We already know Nash's. He's been awesome on a ****** team. He produces with no help, exactly what the Kings need cause up to this point he wouldn't get much help either.

So again, if it's the Kings back up goalie, a top 4 defender, which the position the kings are currently stacked, and a 3rd line winger (who's ceiling could be, some day, maybe a 2nd line player (maybe maybe maybe maybe a 1st liner) for a guy who can score on his own is a no brainer to me.

Just keep in mind too, the Kings need scoring bad. This trade gives you another guy who scores 25-30 (on his own with little help from linemates to boot) WITHOUT giving up any current top 6 scorers on the Kings (though it's not saying much).

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