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02-21-2012, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Maybe I need to talk down to you if you honestly think I (or damacles for that matter) is comparing nash to Halpern.

We are saying it's not fruitful for this organization to add in players who are not needed to be added to trades. Purcell is an example of that. He was not needed in that trade, but DL included him for whatever reason (maybe contract numbers, i don't recall). It was obviously a bad move. The same can apply to to Loki in this case, and as such you don't just add him in simply to get a deal done. That's what happened with Purcell, and Purcell came back to bite us in the ass.

It has NOTHING to do with who the Kings are trading for. it could be Gretzky, I don't care. If you can pull the trigger on the deal without adding in a piece which might seem minute at the time, you do it. Adding Loki in is IMO overkill, considering Bernier and Johnson are already in the deal.

Now, do you get it that the principal of what we are talking about has absolutely nothing to do with the player we are getting in the deal, but rather has everything to do with overpaying needlessly with what may turn out to be valuebale assets long-term?
Well obviously, if we can get it done while keeping Lokti I will be that much happier. I guess I just don't hold Lokti in such high regard that I would let it kill a Nash trade. As much promise as Lokti shows, there is no guarantee he will be an impact player. Hopefully DL is working his ass off to get it done for as little as possible.

I guess where we differ is that I would be ok overpaying a bit to get a sure thing, that fills our biggest need.

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