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02-21-2012, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
To be fair, the Kings have not Replaced Zues/Smyth/Simmer/frolov with productive players.
I've wanted DL gone for a while now. It was obvious when we freakin signed Moreau and Hunter as replacements. Not to defend DL but....

Smyth wanted out. Understand why it was done.

Zues - made 4 million a year and was slow as a snail. Everyone on these boards wanted him replaced as well. No one knew the impact he had on this offense though.

Simmer's spot was replaced by Richards. I'm not going to get into the Richards vs simmer debate here.

Frolov. I miss Frolov. Good guy, underachieved.

You are right though, DL failed to replace these guys whatsoever.

The players you mentioned played the system the Kings so called wanted. gritty, grinding, along the boards yucky icky boring hockey. They are gone now, time for DL and company to go so our core can play like they are capable.

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