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02-21-2012, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
I'm sorry you've had a bad experience this year, and I certainly hope it doesn't discourage you from posting tickets in the future. You're entitled to get fair value for YOUR tickets, and with websites like StubHub and TicketExchange, you don't have to deal with overagressive haggling. Just know that most of us here are decent guys who are willing to give you fair value.

I've had to go to far fewer games this year than I have in past seasons because I simply can't afford it. I'm always willing to pay somewhat above face for tickets, I just can't justify double or triple face when I'm trying to save for a wedding and a down payment on a house. ...At least I have MSG back though (TWC subscriber w/no other options).
As I said a majority of the guys on here are great and many are in your same situation(saving for house wedding going to college etc.) and that I appreciate. What irks me is when people post that they are only looking for cheap tickets and then they turn down a great deal and complain. I have had many PM,s from guys looking to take tickets off me at half price(as if they are doing me a favor). I am in my late 40,s and don,t make a lot of money but I am comfortable enough to help some younger fans by selling a bunch of games below face and I am not talking last minute tickets as I always post my group as soon as the schedule comes out.
That being said I hope the Rangers go on a nice run as I can see this team being good for a while

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