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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
This NYR team is ridiculously defensively aware. The positioning is solid, very very rare is a breakdown that leads to a goal. Teams actually have to earn their goals here, I can't remember many tele-strator post goals, where Joe is pointing out someone lost a man, or there was blown coverage. Across the NHL defense has become way better. There's puck pursuit the very moment the puck is turned over, and outside of some superstars everyone backchecks hard. SHifts stay short way better than they used to, so the tempo and pressure is much higher.

However, this team is head and shoulders above damn near any other team in terms of defensive coverage. I was wondering if you guys thought it was a product of the amount of natural centers in the line-up(obviously it's a product of the system, and the type of players on the team as a mindset - but i'm talking about how damn solid they are in our zone, the uncanny learned positional play)? At almost all levels of hockey centers play way more defensive support than wingers on average, and even back in mites and squirts centers were learning defensive coverage.

Our roster:

Anisimov - Stepan - Gaborik

Hagelin - Richards - Callahan

Dubinsky - Boyle - Prust

Fedetenko/Bickel - Rupp - Mitchell

Bolded are natural centers. Underlined and italics is a defenseman which probably doesn't hurt now and again.
That's because it's the Center's role to go into the corners and help out the Dmen to battle for the puck, or pick up an open man the D can't cover. Whereas as a winger, all you have to do is stay on your point man unless you are the first backchecker in the zone, then you play the Center's role.

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