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02-21-2012, 10:53 AM
dave babych returns
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Speaking of Ott the Sun's Ian Walker had a pretty good interview with him last year.

Walker: Do you love to be hated?
Ott: (Laughing) In a way, I guess. I love to be wanted on a team, but hated to play against. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword.


Walker:Is there a line you won’t cross?
Ott: Absolutely. I don’t mess with family illnesses or anything too personal like that.


Walker:Would you agree that you’re quite different off the ice than on?
Ott: Definitely, like 180 degrees. I’m a dad that loves his family, a fairly subdued guy really, but that changes as soon as I get in the rink.
Off the ice he says the right things, obviously he is an agitator but I don't think we're talking about Sean Avery or Dan Carcillo here. Oh yeah and:

Walker:Mike Modano said your constant yapping used to bother him more than the opposition. True?
Ott: (Laughing) True. But some nights Mo didn’t want to get hit, so that was probably the reasoning behind that if I was playing on his left side.

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