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02-21-2012, 09:54 AM
Marc Madsen
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Originally Posted by killbuttman View Post
Or it's yet another example of Holland not being aggressive enough to add the player he wants. Anyone see a pattern developing?

-We want Jagr, Holland makes an offer, Jagr goes somewhere else.
-We want JovoCop, Holland makes an offer, JovoCop goes somewhere else.
-We want Vokoun, Theodore, Smith. We get Conklin instead.
-Burns is shopped. Burns is badly needed. Burns goes to San Jose. Babcock angry.
-Babcock says we need a top 6 upgrade. Holland kicks tires. Holland signs Eaves and Miller.
-And now Kubina.
-And we can probably add Nash to this list. SOmeone will make a healthy offer. Holland won't. Then he'll say getting Cleary back is a big deal.
Jagr: I would have liked Jagr too and thought that he would still be productive. But I thought the $3+ M he got in PHI was overpayment.

Jovo: FLO massively overpaid both in money and duration. I don't know why you would use a 35+ contract at $4.125M/yr for four years as a basis for the conversation. I think the overwhelming majority would be glad that Holland didn't offer that deal.

Vokoun and Theodore: Both wanted to have a shot at being starters. They would not get that in Detroit.

Mike Smith: Was actually a good option. However, it appeared he also wanted to be a starter and $2M (regardless of the Wings' capspace this season) would be way too much for a back up.

Burns: Of course most Wings fans would have wanted Burns. But the deal was Burns for Setoguchi, Charlie Coyle + 1st. That's a hefty price tag as Coyle was probably their best prospect. That'd be like the Wings giving up Filppula, Smith +1st. You may argue that would be worth it while others would disagree. But either way I don't think it'd be fair to say either side clearly would get the majority of the vote.

Top 6 Forwards: Personally, I feel like it's about timing and player availability. I was glad the Wings didn't waste money on fake top 6 fowards last summer. We'll have to wait and see what happens moving forward but i'm glad the Wings are in a position to go after Parise.

Kubina: I think he would have been fine but a 2nd, a 4th and a prospect is a ton to give up for a pure rental who really seems to be on his last legs. I'm glad the Wings didnt make that move.

Nash: As good as he may be that cap hit is massive and the pieces you'd have to move in order to get him (as are being speculated upon) I probably wouldn't want to give those pieces up. If he goes for less (than I expect) then ya I'd be annoyed the Wings weren't in on it (assuming Nash would be willing).

Originally Posted by killbuttman View Post
Wow. First of all, can you confirm the 5 teams? Because so far it's all speculation. But OK. Let's say Detroit isn't one of the 5...why can't Holland make an offer, Howson goes to Nash and asks if he would consider Detroit as an option. Or is that too outside of the box for you?
How can you be all over a poster for using speculation as a means to refute what you're saying when aside from a couple deals in the past all you're doing is purely speculating as to Holland's failure to get guys like Nash, Parise, Suter, Weber etc.?

You're speculating just as much - if not more. The argument is a two way street.

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