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02-21-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
You'd have to think there would be an amnesty buyout period once a new CBA is reached.

Truth be told, I'm not so worried about the cap implications. If Sather, Clarke and Gorton are ready to pull the trigger on Nash, then they have a plan in place. The mantra has been "stay the course" but as we've seen this year, the team appears to have found a shortcut along the way, and now we've found ourselves much closer to the "destination" than most thought we would be to start the year. If the organization sees Nash as an extra motor to get us to the promised land, then maybe jettisoning a couple assets isn't as tough to stomach for them as it is for us. A lot of us have an attachment to these players, the guys running the show are paid to not form attachments.

What really rubs me the wrong way is the fact that so many people write Nash off as a player, despite the fact that I'd wager that the majority of them saw Nash play for the first time all season on Sunday night. Nash is what we all hope Kreider could be. A huge body with a laser of a shot and great wheels. Nash has better instincts and softer hands, but Kreider has the edge in speed. Am I advocating including Kreider in a trade? Not at all, but I am saying that people need to appreciate just how special of a player Nash is. The outrage over trading top prospects or key roster players is understandable, but the criticisms over Nash's talent are ridiculous. I keep seeing "He's a 60 point player!" but none of those people seem to acknowledge that Nash has as many 40 goal seasons as Gaborik does. Gabby's career highs are 42,42,38. Nash's are 41,40,38. This guy is a top echelon talent.

Adding Nash, in the right deal of course, makes us a tremendous threat for The Cup. Not many teams can match up two defensive pairings against two lines with a 40 goal scorer on them. We'd have the offense, the defense, and the goaltending to make a run this year, as well as next year. Two legitimate shots at Lord Stanley is worth A LOT to a front office.

It's vert frustrating to see like "Selanne would produce as much without the cap hit". That's like comparing Dougie Weight to Evgeny Malkin.

Nash is a Malkin/Kovalchuk type of talent who blows someone like Marian Hossa or Dany Heatly away in terms of RAW ABILITY. But because he has been hidden away in CBJ, people talk about him like he is Ryan Malone II lol.

Admittedly, indications are that Nash i) has not taken perfect care of himself in CBJ and ii) just don't seem to have given 110% the last while. Sure. He has played for a horribly managed team and every year, after a month or two, it's been obvious that no matter what -- Nash won't be able to alone carry the team. No player could alone carry a team. And he has not had the personality to build a successful franchise of CBJ. For sure.

But, what would he become in NY next to BR sitting besides Ryan Callahan on the bench after evey shift? After being coached by Torts for 2-3 years?

Cause that's what matters.

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