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02-21-2012, 11:10 AM
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First off, thanks Chazz. I'm starting to hate it here due to that reason.

Anyway, back to what the thread is for. I'm one who thinks Quick could want to go back home, or closer to home in 18 months, but a LOT can happen between now and 18 months as far as a team can go. Sure the offense sucks now, but in 18 months, it could be the other way around. The Kings last year scored goals (of course not the top of the league, but they weren't very near the bottom I don't think), and now they can't. Just as quickly, they could start scoring again, especially with a different GM. Bring in a different GM (I think DL's time is ticking rather fast right now) and he will almost surely bring in a new coach. We have the talent to score, they just aren't scoring for whatever reason. Sure, right now if I'm Quick I don't want to stay on a West Coast team who can't score one goal, but that doesn't mean come the middle of next season (he doesn't HAVE to sign July 1 of course), if the Kings are doing well and I'm still happy in LA, I don't re-sign. Thank god we have one more year on his current contract.

I'm a huge JB fan as you all know obviously, but I understand that he pretty much has to be traded, along with other pieces to get someone who can put the puck in the next. I've resigned myself to that fact, as it sounds like JB has in Mayor interviews over the past few days. I'd love to see JB get a chance, even if it isn't with the Kings. He could be a star in this league I think and I want to see that. As soon as Quick came in this year and was awesome from the start, I knew JB's time here was coming to an end. Sad really because we really brought him up the right way and were patient and we didn't even get to see what he could do with even a handful of games in a row. It's not fair to him to only start 8 games at such a young age. Heck, even Rask, behind Thomas gets a bunch of games. Anyway, I think traded Bernier is going to happen, no matter what. It makes me sad, but I understand.

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