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02-21-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by NY Lito View Post
Agreed on all fronts here. Dubi won't be missed at all if we get Nash.

Also, I feel like this is a good time to say this. And this is for all who are worrying about the cap situation years from now.

Many times on this board, people bring up the trades during the '94 run. How these trades were ultimately "bad", as they cost the team a couple of potential runs at the cup down the road.

My question is: do you want a cup, or a couple of potential runs down the road? How the hell people think those trades were bad is beyond me. We know those trades led to a cup. That's a fact. Thinking the players we traded away would have led to more chances is pure speculation.

We have no idea how Kreider will turn out, if Dubinsky will ever get up to his offensive potential, etc. We do know Nash is a bonafide elite power forward. We do know Richards is signed until his retirement and needs a scoring winger. We do know we have the best goalie in the league in the prime of his career.

Adding Nash to this team, IMO, makes us the favorites to win the cup, bar none. Screw potential runs in 3 years, for the next 2, we are top favorites to win it. I could give a crap if Kreider turns into a good player or if we need to get rid of AA in 2 years if we win a cup (or 2) in the next few years.

People need to be realistic. If you can get an elite player to help you win a cup for the next 2 years, you ****ing do it. You do it everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.
It's a very good question you pose and one that is, in one way, easily answered, and in another way, not so easily answered. Do I as a Ranger fan want to see them win the cup? Of course I do, but ultimately what I want from the Rangers as someone who spends a lot of money to go see them play is, I want to be entertained. That is what professional sports are - at least in my opinion - entertainment. That said, I would rather spend my money being entertained year after year - something Detroit fans get because their team is always (or at least almost always) a contender, as opposed to a watching a powerhouse team that makes 2 cup runs and then needs to rebuild so they can do it all over again.

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