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02-21-2012, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by NHRangerfan View Post
Quote from Melrose Jr:
That's a pretty poor argument.

The environment in the NHL is nothing like the environment that existed as many as 5 years before the last lockout. IMO, the likelihood of a work stoppage is so remote that it's foolish make it the foundation of case that throws caution to the wind in terms of fiscal responsibility.

And what I posted was my know many of us old enough to remember the 94 lockout said the exact same things as you posted above.

An Original 6 team in the worlds largest media market had just won the Cup ending a 54 year drought after a very exciting 7 game ECF and an almost equally exciting 7 game SCF, the Rangers were all over the airwaves and we all said no way the owners screw up this public relations coup they were handed with hockey now on the National radar...we all know how that turned out.
Yup. I'm about to turn 41. I remember '94 well - the thrill, the euphoria...

...the utter and complete shock at the fact that the league was willing to completely flush the unprecedented popularity of the sport down the toilet three months later.

In '94, hockey actually led SportsCenter on many nights, especially during the POs. People complain about the Rangers not getting the back pages? They got them in '94 - despite the fact that the Knicks also had their best run since '73. The league still ****ed it up with a full season lockout... and has never come close to approaching the popularity it enjoyed during that period.

The NHLPA just hired Donald Fehr to upgrade their firepower at the bargaining table. Meanwhile, we are in the midst of an environment where the NFL just had an mini lockout during preseaso. The NBA had a partial season lockout. The NHL has a larger disparity of player/team revenues than either of those leagues and has a demonstrated history of not giving two ***** about anything other than winning a labor dispute.

Sadly, I am actually expecting a work stoppage.

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