Thread: Injury Report: Koivu (Returning To Lineup 3/22)
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02-21-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It's frustrating for me because he just refuses to talk to Russo or be the face of the franchise. Guys like Iginla and Crosby are excellent captains. They show up to the media every day and answer every question and clearly their respect and work ethic permeates the room. Koivu is just surly and spouts a couple quotes and disappear.

The idea that your captain is out day-to-day with an undisclosed injury is ridiculous. Maybe it's a drug problem or something crazy and I'll look like the a-hole, but if it's an actual injury, come out and say it. There are 18,000 people willing to shell out dollars and see your product and support your team. Come out and say what's going on if you're the supposed face of the franchise and leader. The smoke and mirrors is so annoying.

I was a Koivu booster for years but I'm pretty sick of him. A handful of quality games since his new contract and a whole load of nothing else. Went from drastically overrated to overpaid and somewhat ineffective.

I don't think he'd scratch $5.5m if there were any star players on the Wild roster. I do think the team had to overpay to keep him because he was the only one of value (aside from Burns). I can't help but think that went to his head. The team desperately needs somewhat to draw the attention away from him because he's just not picking up the team and running.
Totally agree.

IMHO, our beloved Kaptain K won't talk to Russo because Russo says it like he sees it, especially when the team sucks as much as they do.

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