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02-21-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by jas View Post
It's a fair argument, only in the sense that not every player can play in this city. And, while we have no idea of how Nash will actually perform, if you asked me if which is more likely to happen, that Nash will exceed expectations, or not live up to them, past history tells me the safer choice would be the latter option.
I dont necessarily buy the not every player can play in this city argument. I think that for the most part those players have had unrealistic expectations put on them and when they dont meet them they are considered a bust. When in reality for the most part they do what they always have. Nash isnt expected to come in here and be something hes not. Hes expected to come in here and do what hes done his whole career. Drury and Gomez are considered 2 of the biggest busts in this teams history but take a look at what they did when they got here. They did what they had for most of their careers but they had such unrealistic expectations put on them that people thought that they were busts. Sather paid them to be players they werent. Nash isnt being brought in to play like hes being paid, we already know hes over paid by a million or two, hes being brought in to do what hes always done.

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