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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
The majority of teams are healthy and turning a profit despite an economic situation that has seemingly affected every other aspect of American life much harder than the NHL. The league is not going to shut down so that 3 teams in unsustainable markets can get a short term lifeline.

I agree PLD. Can you imagine what that CBJ defense looks like with JJ taking top minutes on it......THROUGH 2018! Oof.
History has shown us that owners always want to make more money as I responded to your earlier post that there wouldn't be a lockout we all thought that wouldn't happen in 94 either.

The buzz has been that the middle market teams in the US wan't a reduction in % of revenue shared,a different formula for computing revenue (since their is no huge TV contract and much of the cap growth the past few years has been a result of the stronger Canadian dollar) a rollback of UFA age, the floor being lower than it is now, an end to burying players in the AHL.

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