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02-21-2012, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Ahh sorry to bring that subject back, but give me one last attempt to sensibilize people about Petersson's intentions, that maybe weren't as bad as people seem to think.

lol, exactly. Lot of people here act like they talk swedish perfectly and were actually there when the interview was given. "Let's eat all the words the medias say, even when it comes from the other side of the sea", damn sheeps.

It doesn't take much to upset occidental people it seems. I'm actually offended by that, when you know that so many people live and die in misery.

Again, you realize that you're not really sure about what he said?

"google binghamton, don't go there".

Do you know what he meant by that?
Do you know it was in Swedish and then it got translated?
Do you know the media who gave the interview was an apparently not very credible newspaper in Sweden? (accord to HF swedish posters)
Do you have an idea of the context?

Maybe he just meant that when you Google "Binghamton", it really won't show you the same results as when you google "New York". Petersson was answering for people in Sweden, they have no idea what binghamton is, just like many other cities in NA. Maybe he was giving an advice to his fellow countrymen that it's not really a place to travel (which is true, no?)

When I was 10 y/o, I had no idea of the existence of the Quebec Province. But I knew by heart the capitals of over 100 countries in the world. Today, I live in this Quebec Region.

I can't believe so many people are not able to put things in perspective, at least just a little.

There's a reason why Petersson was shocked as how his quotes were used.

Yes and particulary how to deal with media. They have very long teeth, you can't trust them.
Let it go, there is no point to insulting people, it will never endear anyone to your point of view. You don't know that he didn't insult the city either, no one is sure of what exactly was said. The fact is Petersson said something that was interpreted as insulting the city, it may have been misinterpreted but he owned it, he apologized & it should be over with & we move on. Hopefully the fans in Bingo can also forgive & forget.

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