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02-21-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Macbeth View Post
Hey, I am in Washington ! What a coincidence.

And I just spoke with McPhee !

And if they're to move a first, it's not Colorado's, it's theirs.

What the heck are you talking about, mate ?

This isn't fantasy NHL12 GMing where you can turn a high priced UFA six months into his deal into a high first, a second and a prospect with B+ ratings without it affecting your team, the player and everything else.

Come on now.
So you're telling me you'd do it then if Washington said yes? Please don't try to avoid the question here.
Originally Posted by Macbeth View Post
Cole is the type of veteran a team needs to grow with.

Nobody would pay what the "right price" is for Montréal. Nobody. Because he is worth more to this team than he would be for any other.
I disagree with you on this. And it's a message board so humour me. If we could get a first or a good prospect... would you do it? Stop trying to avoid the question.
Originally Posted by Macbeth View Post
There is incredible value in being a good human being, in being a good example for younger players, in being a relentless workhorse. That is the right price, and we paid for it last July, and we're pretty goddamned happy with the result.
Yup, I sure am happy about fighting for last place. Then again, I wanted a rebuild anyway so...

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