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Originally Posted by Reijo R View Post
Really? Why is that? Has every FA the Rangers have signed played to/above his career numbers and expectations?
The fact that Sather invested money in guys that didn't deserve it has no bearing on Nash's value. If Stamkos was on the block tomorrow, would you avoid him because Gomez and Redden played poorly here? You wanna think of a FA signing that's comparable? Think Marian Gaborik.

Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
He might not feel pressure from the market or the fans, but he also might put pressure on himself to achieve personal goals and live up to his salary.

Every player is different. Some guys cant deal with the environment surrounding them and some guys can't deliver on self-determined goals (no pun intended).

We've been around this town too long to know when players are gripping the hockey stick too tight. You have to be concerned with how Nash deals with his first taste of adversity.
Wouldn't you want the guy to put pressure on himself to succeed? That kind of self-expectation is what sets the elite skill players apart from the Wolski's and Zherdev's of the world. I think the famous pressure of MSG, whether it be real or conjecture, is apparent in his mind. If he was worried about it, would he have said he'd be willing to accept a trade to NY? How about Toronto for that matter? I just can't buy into that.

For a guy who's been dealing with expectations his entire career, specifically the expectations of carrying a franchise on his back for the last decade, I just can't say I'm all that concerned about it.

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