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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Cole came because we gave him a ton of cash and a longer term than anybody else would give him. That's what we usually do. The only difference is that Cole actually wound up earning what we're paying him to do.

As for us progressing... I don't see how that's the case. 88 points two years ago, 96 last year and another sub 90 season now. We're a bubble team most of the time and this season we dropped off the face of the earth. That is not progression.

Instead of just 'hoping' that the team will be doing well by the time Gionta is gone, why not go out and actually do something to make us better? Again, we just sit back with silly short term moves and don't do what we need to do in order to build a winner.

Sure it's good to have those guys, but why not try to get more elite talent for them to develop with? Doesn't make sense not to do this when our club is nowhere near a contending team.
You're making assumptions without facts to back them up.

Florida paid as much for Fleischmann and Buffalo the same for Leino as we paid for Cole, how do you know they were not going to pay more had we not signed him?

Brad Richards was offered more than NYR by multiple teams(including Montreal and Toronto) but chose to go there. Players don't just all go for the money. Some do but otyers will take the same or less to play on a contender(or preferred destination).

You are pretty naiive if you think UFA's always end up to the highest bidder.

No, you're right, 80 points or less this year is not progressing, but what you do starting next yaer has an impact on UFA's and current players wanting to stay. For the most part teams always missing the playoffs have a hard time keeping their top players and usually end up overpaying for UFA's.

Not sure where you get the "silly short term moves" crap, most of the recent moves have been to try and improve the team long term. Like getting Eller, keeping Price over Halak due to more upside, being more patient with young players vs rushing them during the Gainey years.

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