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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
Some of the Jackets fans seem to think that he's been loafing the last two seasons, and the performance he put on at MSG the other night was his best game of the season (for obvious reasons)

I try to watch as many Jackets games as possible but their announcer is just too friggin annoying. The handful of times I've watched Nash, he didn't look dynamic. Granted, losing can breed lethargy (and vice versa), but with the kind of culture surrounding this organization right now, Zach Parise seems like the guy Sather wants instead of Nash. I mean, look at the guy we just drafted this past June.

Problem is, you have a legit chance to acquire Nash, whereas Parise might not be available.

With Nash, it worries me that he would become a Ranger and since the team is already winning, he would get complacent.
I suppose this is where I get a little hypocritical and say that I can feel for the guy and understand him loafing around. That franchise is worse than the Islanders in terms of how poorly it's run. They're rebuilding one month, and the next month they're buying up guys like Wizniewski and Carter. Outside of Nash, they haven't developed another serious talent since their inception. Despite having drafted in the top-10 nearly every season. Hell, they really haven't developed anyone outside of Nash. Spending 10 years in a losing environment has got to be hard on the guy, and frankly, I'm surprised it took him 7 years to finally start to show signs of it.

You're probably right about Parise, but you're definitely right in regards to availability. Sure, we could pass on Nash and end up with Parise, but we could also pass on Nash and end up empty handed. That's a tough call to make.

I'm usually somewhat pessimistic about this kind of thing, but I just have a feeling about Nash as a Ranger. A quality, no BS coaching staff. A winning environment with a super-tight locker room. An elite defense that allows him to take more risks and spend more time looking up ice. To me, it's a recipe for success.

Originally Posted by NYRangers16 View Post
If we were talking Stamkos I'd say hell yes bring it on. He's worth it in production and in cap cost. But Nash is nowhere close to Stamkos.
That's not really my point though. The point is that just because a guy is earning big money, it doesn't mean he's destined to fail in NY.

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