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11-12-2003, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by JWI19
All in all, it looks like if the owners are dead set on a salary cap. There is gonna be a long lockout.
It appears that way, but keep in mind, we are still a long way from the expiration of the current CBA. I'm hoping that the owners are just holding off on moving from their salary cap demands, hoping that the players try tweaking their offer a bit more to the owners liking. Then, they have the ability to negotiate a better non-cap solution.

I really like what the players have come up with. To me, that 5% reduction right away is a very generous offer by the players. I would also like to know what they had in mind in terms of revenue sharing.

I also would like to see a statement by the NHLPA explaining why they are so against a salary cap. They obviously feel that a reduction in salary is necessary, based on their current CBA offer. Are they opposed to the cap in principal, or are they against it because the owners continue to suggest caps at levels that will involved a much more drastic reduction in salary than they are willing to take. If the owners were discussing a higher cap (say $40 to $50 million), would they consider it?

I think the owner's should be making the next move. The players look to be fairly co-operative. I honestly never expected them to offer this many concessions this early in the game. The owners should be making a counter-proposal. I don't expect them to take their focus off a cap at this point, but I imagine they would probably make an offer that involves raising the cap level from the very unreasonable $31 million they have offered.

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